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Welcome to my new site.

When I decided to change site, I wanted a place where people could fully understand and share my multicultural background. So I created this site in a different way. It is not a site in English, or Spanish or Italian for that matter, but you will find lots of articles and videos in one or other language: Italian, because it is my native language, Spanish, because I lived in Southamerica for 26 years and finally English, because it’s the Business language.

Please find the language you prefer and click it on the TAG menu on the sidebar.

Thank you and let me know what you think about the site on my social networks or here, in the comments on any article.

Thank you and have a nice time browsing around.




Partner and director of Scuola di Palo Alto – Milan, Enrico Banchi is an expert communicator as well as a skilled consultant on the dynamics of interactions between genders, both on the personal and the corporate level.


Scuola di Palo Alto

Scuola di Palo Alto

Born in Milan, he moves to Venezuela when he is 16 years old. He graduates as civil engineer and, after working as building engineer for a decade, he changes his field of expertise, committing to executive management and becoming Chief Operating Officer of a South-American multinational.
His career takes him closer to many great management thinkers of the Nineties; thanks to his numerous experiences, he develops a deep understanding of all the different management cultures he deals with. Intercultural negotiator, he travels around the world and he begins working full time as consultant, trainer and speaker. His multiculturalism allows him to give speeches in three languages and to localize them from a cultural standpoint, depending on the audience he is addressing.
In the early 2000’s he becomes fascinated by Neuroscience and its latest findings, and he starts giving simple advice on some of the human brain processes, especially those connected to the endocrine system.
He is also professor of Consumer Behavior at the European School of Economics.
He is the founder of the Positive Business Forum brand, the first event dedicated specifically to companies and businesses which explains how the Positive Science can help increase corporate productivity. Scuola di Palo Alto publishes The Happiness Advantage, Shawn Achor’s bestseller on this matter.
At the moment, Enrico writes articles for several management and marketing magazines.

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