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A window of the world

PURPOSE OF THE SPEECH: Giving the audience the latest walk-over-the-new-world talk! I speak about intercultural aspects. Many people and many companies don’t have the time nor the will to make their employees think about all the things happening out there! We all know change is everywhere and that we should embrace it as a new

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Enrico Banchi

  Partner and director of Scuola di Palo Alto – Milan, Enrico Banchi is an expert communicator as well as a skilled consultant on the dynamics of interactions between genders, both on the personal and the corporate level. Born in Milan, he moves to Venezuela when he is 16 years old. He graduates as civil engineer and,

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The Feminine Brain

PURPOSE OF THE SPEECH: Introducing common people to the fascinating world of “Urban Neuroscience”, or “Neuroscience Made Easy”. I describe differences in the human brain according to gender, following the latest scientific findings. Furthermore, I provide insights on the functioning of our endocrine system with a plain but accurate explanation of our most important hormones

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