The Feminine Brain

The Feminine Brain

The Feminine Brain


Introducing common people to the fascinating world of “Urban Neuroscience”, or “Neuroscience Made Easy”. I describe differences in the human brain according to gender, following the latest scientific findings. Furthermore, I provide insights on the functioning of our endocrine system with a plain but accurate explanation of our most important hormones and their influence on our behaviors.


The modern world is a communicating one. People make business together, work together, chat together, play together, live together. These are special times to be living in. Millions of stimuli reach our brain every day, and each brain is hard-wired in a different way; therefore, we act upon these stimuli in diverse ways.
There are also similarities, though. Due to our primordial brain structure, a feminine brain, under the ineludible influence of hormones, lights up certain circuits depending on the situation. The predominant male fight or flight impulse is only one of the many circuits that can be activated or de-activated by some hormonal combinations.
The talk is about the different situations we experience during our working day and the way our brain responds to them. Knowing the hormonal response to some situations is the first step to develop an improved awareness of our inter-gender communication.

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