The Adolescent Brain


Purpose of the Speech:

Giving to parents a perspective of the events that populate the brain of their teenage sons and daughters during the troubled years of adolescence. Using the same methodology as all my other talks, I capitalize on the Urban Neuroscience approach to transform some complicated mechanisms into everyday situations, and give some insights on how to react to hormonal changes. The talk deals with some delicate aspects of teenage behaviors, such as the approach to active sex life and the use – or abuse – of videogames.

The approach is always scientific and it can be blended into the local culture.

Enrico Banchi at the Positive Bus Forum

Enrico Banchi @ Postive Busines Forum


Teenagers are a wonderful world! Their brain is literally flourishing and a new window of opportunity opens up to intelligent and curious adults and parents. Simple descriptions of the way hormones act on our brains during this phase of our life help parents cope with a fighting son or an emotional daughter. Educators, teachers and coaches of young athletes can greatly benefit from this speech.
Note: This talk is part of a program called Educating Children to Happiness, a one-day workshop on the latest findings on Happiness and their impact on our future lives as adults.





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