A window of the world


Giving the audience the latest walk-over-the-new-world talk! I speak about intercultural aspects. Many people and many companies don’t have the time nor the will to make their employees think about all the things happening out there! We all know change is everywhere and that we should embrace it as a new religion. My view of things is, as always, more down-to-earth. Not everybody is ready to make the quantum leap forward (is it really forward?) and people don’t normally hit the pause button to think about certain things. How do Chinese people think? And the Indies? What about Old Europe? Are we really old?


This is a wakeup talk! Depending on the country in which this speech is delivered, it has a different flavor. In the US, it is about understanding what is going on in other parts of the world; the goal is making Americans be on a different wavelength: it’s a paradigm shift! In South America, it is about turning social interaction into something that can ultimately develop into a more desirable country for others to invest in. For Europeans, it is a wakeup call on what is going on outside the borders of the old continent. It’s a speech where Chaos and Order get engaged and try to live together in the same body, person, marriage or company.

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